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Facilities (Campus Spaces)

The Lighting Master Plan

Lighting and controls technology change fast. Does that mean your school must constantly update its lighting master plans? Two experts discuss the options.

Facilities Management (Managing Assets)

What Value Commissioning?

Are the expense and results worth undertaking the process?

Walls and Ceilings

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Walls and Ceilings: What's Beneath the Surface?

More than just pretty faces, walls and ceilings must be carefully designed in order to create functional, safe and efficient interiors.

Trends in Green (Sustainable Innovations On Campus)

Just EAT

Lebanon Valley College has found a key to sustainable dining.

Recruit & Retain (University of North Georgia)

Bucking the Trend

Increasing enrollment in an era of consolidation.

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Keys or Cards? What's the Problem?

An Ingersoll Rand survey identifies major problems with key and card access control. NFC solves each.

Near field communication

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

The Buzz On NFC

Near field communication, or NFC, makes smartphones into access cards, credit cards and other tools usually stored in wallets.

Valparaiso University

Facility Focus (Residence Halls and Living-Learning Communities)

Valparaiso University: Beacon Hall

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Looking Good

Miami University

Facility Focus (Residence Halls and Living-Learning Communities)

Miami University: Beechwoods, Stonebridge and Hillcrest Residential Halls

Safety & Security (Protecting Campus Resources)

Assessing Technology Solutions

Evaluate your safety, security and emergency preparedness systems.

Sound Design

Technology (Innovations for Education)

Sound Design

The Berklee College of Music's 160 Massachusetts Avenue recording education complex is designed for next-generation music pedagogy.

Geographical information system

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Mapping Safety

Geographical information system technology (GIS) supports emergency preparedness and disaster recovery.

Boston Conservatory

Facility Focus: Auditoriums, Music Rooms, Performing Arts

The Boston Conservatory: Studio Building

Outdoor Learning Environments

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

How to Design Outdoor Learning Environments

Outdoor learning environments support education and will continue to do so well into the future. Here are some tips for planning your next space, along with idea-building success stories.

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