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Webinar Helps Designers and Installers Successfully Extend Today's Networks into Harsh Environments

WATERTOWN, CT – Siemon, a global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to announce a new education webinar that covers key standards and considerations for deploying network cabling and connectivity in harsh environments. This webinar, titled Getting Smart, Getting Rugged: Extending LANs into Harsh Environments, will be presented by Dave Valentukonis, Siemon’s technical services manager, and will take place on October 22, 2015 at 11 a.m. EDT.

The proliferation of digital information, wireless handheld devices and Ethernet into every facet of our lives means that connections to networks need to be in more places than ever before. While manufacturing environments have rapidly migrated to Industrial Ethernet over the past decade, there are an increasing number of everyday environments that are not quite severe enough to be considered “industrial” but in need of something more ruggedized than what exists in everyday commercial office environments. Extending networks into these harsher environments is becoming a common requirement among network designers and installers. This webinar will take a look at the key standards and considerations for deploying network cabling and connectivity in harsh environments. It will also educate designers and installers about the features and specifications of ruggedized network cabling and connectivity required to withstand more severe conditions and maintain long-term network reliability.

“As our world becomes more digital, non-industrial harsh environments that require network access are popping up everywhere — from outdoor eateries and theme parks, to laboratories and warehouses. Many of these harsher environments may be subjected to dust, moisture, temperature extremes, contaminants and other factors that can adversely impact standard commercial-grade networking components,” says Valentukonis. “It’s important for designers and installers faced with extending networks into these harsh environments to understand which industry standards to follow and which type of cable and connectivity to deploy so they can prevent the need to replace components due to corrosion and damage from harsher environmental elements.”

In addition to arming designers and installers with the information they need to successfully extend networks into harsh environments, this webinar will also provide a Q&A portion for participants to interact with the presenter. To register for the October 22nd webinar, Getting Smart, Getting Rugged: Extending LANs into Harsh Environments, or to download the white paper, visit:

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