Find out more about the business of education – from business contingency and continuity plans; to finding the best way to recruit and retain students and staff.

Business Practices (Achieving Administrative Excellence)

Enrollment Growth Strategies

Tips for growing enrollment by improving your brand

higher education trends

Looking Ahead: Thought Leaders Forecast Trends 2016

From the campus library to guns on campus, covering a variety of higher education issues, a range of higher education industry experts share their outlooks on what the future holds.

Recruit & Retain (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

Guiding Students to Graduation

How the Locus of Control inventory helped increase retention.

Recruit & Retain (Marlboro College)

What Do Colleges Need? Authenticity.

Getting real with college applicants can have unforeseen rewards.


Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Globalization: Serving a Growing Market

University of Central Florida administrators are constructing a new facility designed to meet the needs of international students, driven by an intentional goal to increase enrollment.

Recruit & Retain (Broward College)

A New Direction for Student Recruiting

Technology is improving the recruitment process.

Business Practices (Achieving Administrative Excellence)

Adding Athletics to Boost Enrollment

The advantages of leveraging athletics, fitness and wellness in a hot market.

Recruit & Retain (Charter Oak State College)

Go Back to Get Ahead

Making it easier for adult students to return to school and graduate takes work, but can benefit recruitment and retention efforts in the long run.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

What Value Relationships?

Establishing Real Thought Leadership: Why Educators are a Natural Fit in A Virtual World

Considering that the job of an educator is to educate, there's probably no more suitable field for establishing real thought leadership.

Can Higher Education Leaders Tap Into Their Business Sides?

Colleges and universities are doggedly protecting their missions and values, but they also understand that they must watch the bottom line, be creative and entrepreneurial about what they do, and remain highly conscious about how they are faring in the education marketplace.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Research Review

Recruit & Retain (Siena College)

SAT Scores and Academic Outcomes

Siena College is finding new ways to evaluate and pick out the best and brightest high school students.

As the Rich Get Richer, What’s a ‘Poor’ College to Do?

The wealth inequality gap is having an impact on higher education.

Business Practices (Achieving Administrative Excellence)

Budgeting for Today's Institutions

Institutions confront unavoidable, and perhaps unsustainable, spending shifts.

Dude Solutions Is Back with More Data in Their 2018 Operations Health Index

See how your industry peers reported on the current state of their operations and get insight into how you can use the information to improve yours in Dude Solutions' 2018 Operations Health Index.

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