Construction Methods and Materials

Find out more about what goes into your facilities…from building materials; structural, mechanical and electrical systems; modular construction; BIM and commissioning; project delivery methods and management; and more…

Quiet in the Lab

Armstrong Atlantic State University’s lab facility gets high marks for a VAV remedy, which provided much-needed quiet and significant energy savings.

A Spring in Their Steps

There are many options and factors to consider when selecting the right flooring for dance and performance spaces. For example, what material is best for the types of dance your program teaches, or could teach in order to grow the program in the future? Also, is your structural subfloor sealed, and above, at, or below grade? That matters because an unsealed, below-grade slab can swell or warp your dance floor by drawing up moisture from the ground.

What'’s Next for AV and Smart Buildings?

Why the AV industry and not one of the other building systems trades, such as HVAC or electrical integrators? For one reason, AV professionals are widely recognized as early adopters of new technologies. In recent years, there has been a considerable emphasis on ease-of-use and ease-of-operation. In response, AV programmers, consultants, and integrators have developed unique skills for creating intuitive, user-friendly tools and control interfaces. What users and building managers often do not see is that behind the scenes, to create those seamless interfaces, AV professionals must often corral complex systems that don’t normally communicate with one another — and that’s the crux of the challenge when it comes to integrating disparate building systems.

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