indoor air quality on campus

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Healthy Buildings and IAQ

Facilities managers must often consider green options for dealing with common indoor hazards and contaminants, including mold, asbestos, lead, pests and more.

Greenest building

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

A Living Building

Hampshire College opens one of the greenest buildings in the world.

Sustainable College Community

A Community Approach to Sustainability

Montgomery County Community College, with the help and participation of its surrounding community, has transformed a former energy generating station into a vibrant and green learning facility.

construction management

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Do You Deliver?

Delivering a finished building is a difficult, complicated process. From innovative financing to construction management partnerships, colleges and universities have tools to make project delivery a little easier.

Higher Ed new construction

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

The Right Stuff

Many variables go into choosing materials and systems for your new buildings. How do facility managers find the right balance?

campus library

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Designing Today's Academic Libraries

No facility has so rapidly evolved in purpose in recent years than the campus library. Here's a look at the role light, color and design have on these changing spaces.

green flooring material

Facilities (Campus Spaces

Friendly Flooring

When selecting flooring materials and designs for new or renovation projects, don't forget to factor in ADA compliance in order to assurance safety and accessibility for all.

Updated campus facade from the street

Facilities (Campus Space)

Not Just a Pretty Face

Enlivening and updating facilities' façades not only improves visual first impressions, but also can increase energy efficiency, add lighting and design coherence, and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

Harry Potter themed Culinary Services

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Magic and Muggles at MSU

A creative event coordinated by the Culinary Services department invited Harry Potter fans to gather at Michigan State's historical dining hall to honor the classic series.

classroom acoustics and audiovisual design

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Active Learning and Case Study Classrooms

Evolving classroom styles drive acoustics and audiovisual design.

campus sports facilities

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Sports Facilities

Administrators can use effective tools to keep their eye on the bottom line when they find themselves involved in designing new or undertaking improvements to existing campus sports facilities.

Health Sciences Teaching facilities

Technology (Innovations for Education)

Preparing Students for Health Care Careers

Here's a look at how Cleveland State University administrators envisioned and built a state-of-the-art center where all health care students work, study and collaborate to create a diverse workforce.

Building Controls

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Get Smart

Building systems are acting more and more like social media, getting smarter, driving energy savings and customer satisfaction. Are you #connected?

Educational interiors

Design for Today's Students

Educational interiors flex to meet new demands as students look for connectivity, mobility, interaction, comfort and collaboration.

Parkland College Student Union building

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Putting It All Together

Parkland College's new Student Union building is designed to be an integrated "front door" for the college's campus.

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