Furniture and Equipment

Integrating Technology and Space

Put IT There

The products that physically support technology — lecterns, carts, cabinets and mounts — are an important component to consider when integrating technology into campus spaces.

Creative Solutions

furniture on campus

The Furniture Effect

Colleges and universities are discovering how to use furniture to boost student interaction on campus.

Flexible Furnishing

Campus Furniture & Equipment

Furnishing for Flexibility

Dynamic furniture, which can move and convert to serve more than one purpose, is available for a variety of campus spaces.

Furnishing and Equipping Student Spaces

Campus Furniture & Equipment

Furnishing and Equipping Student Spaces

An unconventional commons in midtown Manhattan is designed with students in mind.

campus furniture

Campus Furniture & Equipment

Don't Be Afraid To Ask (Your Students) Questions

Students are creative, intelligent and resourceful and a great source of feedback when it comes to campus furniture.

classroom ergonomics

Learning Spaces (Furniture & Equipment)

Built for Comfort

Understanding classroom ergonomics is about more than just buying a well-designed chair; it can also impact student health and success.

Living Spaces (Furniture & Equpment)

Purchasing Advice

Show Me the Way to Go

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Show Me the Way to Go

Integrating the right signage into your campus can aid in building identity and marketing for use in the wider community.

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Designing Next-Generation Learning Spaces