Maintenance and Operations

Maintenance & Operations (Managing the Physical Plant)

Time Is Money

Being organized and planning ahead can improve the bottom line.

Preserving Architectual Features

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Maintaining a Façade

Keeping historically significant facilities weatherproof and energy-efficient while preserving architectural features takes care and planning.

Using Partnerships to Build Green

Given that an investment in a LEED building is 40 to 50 years or longer, a related investment in management and maintenance will also run for many decades. Unfortunately, maintenance is often not adequately considered in advance, and when budgets tighten, deferring building maintenance can seem like an attractive option to universities who are trying to stretch their dollars. So how does a cash-strapped public institution pay for green construction and maintenance?

Taking Your Custodial Services From Better to Best

Two successful managers share their advice for taking your custodial services from better to best in terms of getting the job done and keeping the customer satisfied.

Construct and Maintain

With the importance of higher education on the rise and enrollment continuing to climb, we will continue to need new and upgraded spaces. We will also need to set aside dollars to maintain the new facilities that we build, otherwise our investments will be squandered. Then there are all of those “other” buildings… the ones originally built in the 1920s, added on to in the ’50s, ’70s, ’90s, and so on. The truth is that a majority of our educational facilities in this country are approaching the half-century mark and are in major need of maintenance and repair!

Western Washington University Makes Over Energy Program

Western Washington University relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage their energy spending in the past, leaving them with no data. See how they transformed their operations, got the data they needed and saved over 200 hours per year.

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