Maintenance and Operations

Facilities (Managing Assets)


What is hanging over your head?

integrated control systems

Technology (Innovations for Education)

Converging Network Services

Expert advice for facilities managers on understanding and managing integrated technology and building management systems.

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Let It Go

As the trend of outsourcing services grows, schools need to examine the pros and cons. What should you keep and what's safe to give up?

facility supervisor

Maintenance: Staffing, Methods & Practice

Preparing the Supervisors

Bring facility departments to the next level with solid training and preparation of supervisory personnel.

Zone Maintenance

Maintenance: Staffing, Methods & Practice

Reaping the Rewards of Zone Maintenance

Administrators share compelling reasons to consider organizing your maintenance department into zones.

Maintenance & Operations (Managing the Physical Plant)

Maintenance by Design?

Avoid maintenance nightmares by claiming a spot at the design table.

facilities managers

Maintenance: Staffing, Methods & Practice

The Next Generation

Today's up-and-coming class of new facilities managers must combine practical knowledge of established methods of maintenance with increased technological options, leadership skills and a customer-focused mindset. It's a challenging balance, and one that current professionals say takes time and focus to achieve.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

How Much?

Facilities (Managing Assets)

My FM-Related Frustrations

Observations on the little things that impact day-to-day performance.

School Roofs

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Out of Sight...

...out of mind. That's what most people -- facility managers included -- think about their roofs, until there’s a problem. Informed choices and diligent maintenance could extend the usefulness of one of your school's biggest assets. Can you stretch the life your roof 20 years or beyond?

Maintenance & Operations (Managing the Physical Plant)

Let's Take This Outside

A complete maintenance plan extends well beyond your facilities' walls.

defferred maintenance

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Can It Wait?

When it comes to protecting campus assets, it really shouldn't... "It" being maintenance. The deferred maintenance conundrum is unfortunately still alive and well across the country.

Facilities (Managing Assets)

How Clean is Clean?

Spring Preventive Maintenance

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Spring Preventive Maintenance: Achieving Excellence

Spring preventive maintenance is so much more than crossing items off a checklist. Here, three facility managers share their perspectives on delivering preventive maintenance excellence.

Facilities (Managing Assets)

The Challenge of Coil Maintenance

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