Planning and Design

Four Mistakes Universities Make When Expanding Their Campus

Certain colleges and universities across the country are making plans in 2014 to expand their campus footprint and acquire more real estate. The question is, how do they carefully manage the potential challenges and risks, and implement a successful and efficient plan?

Adaptive technologies

Technology (Innovations for Education)

Access for All

Adaptive technologies help students with disabilities fully engage in campus life.

Basements & Lower Levels

What Lies Beneath

Basements and underground real estate are evolving from mechanical rooms and storage zones to fully functional, vibrant campus spaces.

exterior and interior of campus buildings

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

The Finished Product

Today's options for building exteriors vary widely from traditional brick. An expanded palette of materials offers vivid color and texture choices to architects and designers.

Designing for Safety

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Designing for Safety

Integrating Crime prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) concepts into master planning and design is one demonstrated way to create an overall safe campus.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Today's Dollars

Campus transformation and growth

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Transforming a Campus

In just over a decade, Nashville's Belmont University has undergone measured and successful change and growth.

Sustainable Grounds

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

What Grows Here?

Healthy, sustainable grounds can greatly impact the overall quality of campus life for everyone. The best ways to create such a landscape however are as varied as the plants that inhabit them.


Business (Managing Higher Ed)


Nobody thinks of parking, until they need it. Then it's a chore. Technology promises to make finding and paying for a space easier, and might even convince drivers to take the bus.

A Capital Idea: Blending Strategy and Opportunity to Manage College Assets

The time has come to examine development partnerships as an opportunity to move forward as the deep recession eases.

college or university and the surrounding community

Creating a Strong Town-Gown Relationship

Cooperation between a college or university and the surrounding community leads to development, jobs, income and success for all. Here's why it matters -- for everyone.

Cost Effective Maintenance

Be Mindful of Maintenance

Cost-effective and efficient maintenance and housekeeping operations begin at the programming and design stages of residence hall construction projects.

Building Blocks

Revitalized structures are a cornerstone of town-gown relations.

Renovation vs Historic Preservation

Renovation vs. Historic Preservation

A sensible balance must be found when deciding how to renovate and repurpose historic campus structures to meet today’s programming needs.

Preserving Architectual Features

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Maintaining a Façade

Keeping historically significant facilities weatherproof and energy-efficient while preserving architectural features takes care and planning.

Does your college/university have a campus food bank/pantry available for food-insecure students?

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