The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

Recycling Styrofoam

The University of Illinois is removing polystyrene from its waste stream.

The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

Sustain Appalachian

Appalachian State University leads by example with a campus-wide focus on conservation.

Sustainable Solutions for College Maintenance and Management

Impact on Learning

University of New Mexico

Ask the Expert: Waste Disposal

Can I Recycle Lamps and Bulbs?

The Sustainable Campus (Trends in Innovations)

Don't Overlook Hazardous Waste

Green campus waste management operations involve more than recycling.

zero-waste campuses

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Don't Throw That Away

Colleges and universities are involved in a number of reduce-reuse-recycle initiatives as they travel the path to becoming zero-waste.

Recycling Resources

Recycling Resources

Trends in Green (Sustainable Innovations On Campus)

Green to Gold

Trends in Green (Sustainable Innovations on Campus)



Every year, campus communities across the country are faced with a deluge of waste as students moving out for the summer discard thousands of unwanted items.

Western Washington University Makes Over Energy Program

Western Washington University relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage their energy spending in the past, leaving them with no data. See how they transformed their operations, got the data they needed and saved over 200 hours per year.

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