The education-technology revolution is changing the way we teach and the way we learn.  Lessons become more dynamic, student learning is ignited. Find out more about technology in schools and how space, technology and culture converge.

Digital Classroom

AV in Action

Educators know that students learn at different paces and on varying levels, so alternative methods of instruction are beneficial. Audio/visual aids make learning entertaining and fun, and encourage students to pay attention because they are engaged and interested. When these aids are coupled with a well-spoken instructor, the possibilities to learn are endless.

Digital Signage

In The Know (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

Reading the Signs

A look at the challenges facing a digital signage network in higher education.

Emerging Technology

Windows 8

Tech Upgrade (Real-World Solutions)

Putting Students First with Technology

Security Technology

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Security Technology On Campus

A look at the newer security technologies colleges and universities are considering and using on campus.

new residence hall

Living Spaces (Furniture & Equpment)

A Classic for the New Millennium

Important traditions live on in a new residence hall at the University of Georgia.

Emerging Technology

Enterprise Content Management at Work

campus building upgrades

In the Know (Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting)

Old Building, New Life

From BIM to energy-use monitoring, WiFi and more, existing buildings are being redesigned and outfitted to become technological standouts.

Enhancing + Engaging + Connecting

Linking the Helm

Integrated classroom controls can expand teaching options at the touch of a well-placed button.

Real-World Solutions (Tech Upgrade)

Comprehensive BYOD Management at SDSU

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

The Role of Technology

Emerging Technology

Desktop Virtualization

A strong case for virtualization in higher education.

Plugged In to Learning

Technology is modernizing the traditional instructional environment. The modern college student arrives on campus with more than just a suitcase in tow. An array of gadgets will also be on hand, including a tablet computer, a smartphone, an MP3 player, perhaps a laptop.

Get the Word Out

Communication is key, especially during emergencies. Technology can help spread the word.

Multimedia U

Today, in college classrooms, instead of the silence of students taking notes in notebooks, one may hear the soft tapping of laptop keys. Technology in the classroom has been evolving at a rapid rate, leaving teachers and students sometimes running to keep up. Multimedia technology, which specifically refers to technology related to audio and video, is no exception.

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