May 2015 College Planning & Management

May 2015


Winter Maintenance

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

Winter Wonderland

By Ian Buchanan

Budgeting for cold weather care and maintenance that involves planning ahead for key seasonal product and service purchases can lead to steep discounts and reduced operating costs.

Managing Mass Notification

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Managing Mass Notification

By Michael Fickes

When an emergency arises, a well-managed mass notification system can help keep people safe.

Cleaning Locker Rooms

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

What's That Smell?

By Robert Kravitz

A cleaning contractor comes clean about locker room odors, and explains how to control them.

HVAC Water

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

Water World

By Amy Milshtein

Your HVAC systems need chemically balanced water to maintain a healthy environment. Does your school have the right mix?

sustainable landscaping

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

Maintaining the Green

By Ellen Kollie

Like most things, sustainable landscaping has evolved so that it's much more than planting perennials and reducing watering.

integrating classroom technologies

Technology (Innovations for Education)

Putting IT Together

By Mark Rowh

When integrating classroom technologies and controls, what's the best option? Ensuring you have on-campus staff to handle the task, or calling on outside consultants? Advice from the experts explores the pros and cons of each approach.


Facilities (Campus Spaces)

As Good as It Sounds

By David Ingersoll

Acoustics impact student learning. Plans for physical spaces — walls, ceilings, flooring and more — made with good acoustics in mind at design and construction phases will result in high-performance, effective facilities.


Business Practices (Achieving Administrative Excellence)

Budgeting for Today's Institutions

By Dr. Scott D. Miller, Dr. Marylouise Fennell

Institutions confront unavoidable, and perhaps unsustainable, spending shifts.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Unsung Heroes

By Deborah P. Moore

Trends in Green (Sustainable Innovations on Campus)

Fossil Fuels Divestment

By Stephen Mulkey

Observations on an ethical imperative for higher education.

Maintenance & Operations (Managing the Physical Plant)

It's About Our People

By Michael G. Steger

Maintain a "people first" focus for a successful operation.

Fire & Life Safety (Focus on Preparation and Prevention)

Prepare Your PEEPS

By Mike Halligan

Develop a campus-wide plan for emergency evacuation of all.


Stanford University: Florence Moore Dining Hall

Facility Focus (Food Service Facilities)

Stanford University: Florence Moore Dining Hall

Wichita State University: Shocker Dining

Facility Focus (Food Service Facilities)

Wichita State University: Shocker Dining


Blue Cleaning

Case History (Real-World Solutions)

Blue Cleaning Saves Green


Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Build Your Own Mass Notification System

Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

What Cleaning Contractors Should Know About Ozone Generators

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