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Smart Card Migration

Best Practice Framework for Smart Card Migration in Six Steps – Colleges and Universities

Learn how cloud computing can help YOU create ID cards more efficiently and effectively and improve customer service.

Keeping Students Safe

Best Practices for Keeping Students Safe: A Guide to Campus Security

This eBook provides school campus administrators with a comprehensive look at best practices, current technologies, and the policies and procedures needed to help keep students safe and secure on today’s campuses.

Academic Institutions: Campus Investments with Dividends

Outdoor Spaces That Pay Long-Term Dividends

Common spaces that foster social engagement and collaboration, statement making entrances, programmable spaces, pedestrian wayfinding, parking, and strategies to unlock new land are all creatively tailored solutions accomplished with Unilock products.

Operation Management Trends

5 Education Operations Management Trends to Know

This e-book will get you the information you need to know on the top five operations management trends you’re sure to see in 2019.

employee turnover whitepaper

Guide to Bridging the Gap

Read this guide to ensure your student and facility performance doesn't waiver as a result of employee turnover.

smarter construction procurement

[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Simple Steps to Smarter Construction Procurement

With ezIQC, you can avoid the red tape of traditional procurement, issue POs in days and still satisfy your local competitive bidding requirements.

JOC good option

[INFOGRAPHIC] When is JOC a Good Option?

There is no perfect, one-size-fits-all approach to construction projects. Some delivery methods work better with certain types of projects than others. View this infographic to better understand when JOC is a good option.

curb appeal matters

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Curb Appeal Matters

Attractive and functional facilities not only help schools achieve their enrollment goals but also impact their standing in the surrounding community. Curb appeal matters.

ezIQC: construction procurement through cooperatives

ezIQC: Construction Procurement Through Cooperatives

With access to local contractors, you can trade the time and expense of traditional procurement for speed, efficiency and the power of group buying.

renovation and construction case studies

[eBook] Head of the Class: Renovation & Construction Case Studies

Discover detailed case studies about colleges and universities that used JOC to complete projects successfully with limited resources in a limited time.

Connectrac Competitive Advantage

Why Connectrac is a Better Option than Core Drilling, Trenching and Power Poles

With Connectrac, you can supply your clients, tenants and staff with the full range of power and data without the expense, disruption, lost time, inflexibility and unsightliness of core drilling, trenching, and power poles.

Showing Your Work Matters

[eBook] Showing Your Work Matters: Rethink Your Reporting

While you're not expected to predict the future, it's crucial that you know how to track and report on what you've done and what you're doing.

Better Procurement for Better Facilities

Making the Grade: Better Procurement for Better Higher-Ed Facilities

Colleges and universities are struggling with insufficient funding, staffing and resources. To meet these challenges, schools are choosing Job Order Contracting (JOC) for construction procurement to save time and effort. This ebook from Gordian includes detailed case studies of Higher Education institutions that used JOC to complete projects successfully in a limited time.

Higher Ed Summer Construction

[eBook] Maximize Summer Construction

Summer means juggling renovation, alteration and maintenance projects, all of which need to take place in a limited time. With a short window to work, you can't afford to get behind schedule. View this summer construction eBook for tips on how to effectively plan and execute your campus summer projects.

One-Card Campus Solution

Benefits of a One-Card Campus Solution: Making the Transition

Contactless ID cards offer higher levels of security and functionality than magstripe cards, and easier for college students to use, especially when coupled with providing access to events, secured buildings, cashless payments, printing documents, etc. – in addition to accessing their dorm rooms.

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