2017 Forecast: Trends Shaping Higher Education

Higher Education TrendsThought leaders share outlooks on what the future holds for the higher education campus, discussing everything from networks to waste collection.

TOPIC: Health Science Facility Design
TREND: Toward Interdisciplinary Design
By Kate Yurko, AIA, LEED-AP

TOPIC: Campus Planning and Design
TREND: Toward Integrating and Extending the Impact of Spaces
By Lynn D. Akey, Ph.D.

TOPIC: Safety & Security
TREND: Toward Product Implementation
By Rodney Chatman

TOPIC: Waste Collection
TREND: Toward Cost Savings and Efficiency
By Emma Skalka and Victor Stanley

TOPIC: Prospective Students’ College Visits
TREND: Toward Combining Visits With Vacation
By Kurt A. Stahura, Ph.D.

TOPIC: Wired and Wireless Networks
TREND: Toward Machine Learning and Time-Sensitive Networking
By Tim Zimmerman

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This article originally appeared in the January 2017 issue of College Planning & Management.

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