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College Planning & Management's vast database of articles is a valuable tool for anyone who plans, designs, equips, maintains or operates colleges and universities nationwide. Popular topics include facilities, safety & security, technology, business, finance, recruit & retain and the campus scene. Articles are displayed in chronological order, beginning with the most recent.

Maintenance & Operations (Managing the Physical Plant)

Managing the Accreditation Process

Take the correct steps to make the evaluation process run smoothly.

networking designs and technologies

Technology (Innovations for Education)

Preparing Your Network for Its Next Generation

This update on networking designs and technologies provides administrators with must-know information for the design, installation and capabilities of their campus networks.

college restroom design

Education Interiors

The Necessary Room

From basic to luxury, sparkling to yucky, advanced to old school, college restrooms run the gamut. What's new and trending in restroom design?

Safety & Security (Protecting Campus Resources)

Bulletproof Glass

Some assumptions and realities of the effectiveness of ballistic glass.

Keene State College

The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

Heating With (Vegetable) Oil

Keene State is the first campus in the nation to heat with purified waste vegetable oil biofuel.

Ask the Expert (Facilities Planning)

How should we prepare for a large security project?

Tinkham Veale University Center

Education Interiors

Come Inside

Case Western University's Tinkham Veale University Center is designed to foster a culture of inclusion. It draws student, faculty, staff and the community to what they need in its variety of office spaces and common areas.

Hot Tips (Power Distribution)

Increasing Access to Power in the Classroom

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Changing Times

Gonzaga University: John J. Hemmingson Center

Facility Focus (Kitchens and Food Service Facilities)

Gonzaga University: John J. Hemmingson Center

University of North Dakota: Wilkerson Commons

Facility Focus (Kitchens and Food Service Facilities)

The University of North Dakota: Wilkerson Commons

Fire & Life Safety (Focus on Preparation and Prevention)

The Value of Tabletop Practice

Preparation will strengthen your response to life-safety incidents.

Outdoor Adventures Center

Great Heights

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Outdoor Adventures Center, a dedicated state-of-the-art facility, signals a big step up for outdoor programs nationally.

outsourcing school janitorial services

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Are You In or Out?

Making the decision to outsource janitorial services should not be undertaken without giving careful attention to the pros and cons. If you're considering this step, here is some advice.

Interior Design for Students

Education Interiors

Interior Design for Students: A View Into Their Future

Corporations are taking workspace design cues from higher education, and vice versa, as integrating the best of both worlds improves environments for all.

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