• Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)
    Campus Policing

    Campus Policing Made Friendly

    Conflicting narratives make campus policing difficult. Three schools talk about high-touch practices that keep their schools safer.

  • Looking Ahead: Thought Leaders Forecast Trends 2016

    From the campus library to guns on campus, covering a variety of higher education issues, a range of higher education industry experts share their outlooks on what the future holds.

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)

    Bring Back the Agora!

    Encouraging the exchange of knowledge in informal as well as formal gathering places is redefining and shaping the physical spaces in which teachers teach and students learn.

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)

    Common Ground

    Campus landscapes can have an integrated role in education and research. At the University of Wisconsin–Madison, a living-learning laboratory -- The Lakeshore Nature Preserve — has successfully evolved in partnership with the greater campus community.

Furniture & Equipment | At-a-Glance

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    Outdoor spaces

    Outside the Walls

    Attention to a college or university's signature "look" should include outside features and furnishings. Outdoor spaces, their design, and what you put into them are vital elements of your institution's brand and mission.

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    campus signage and wayfinding

    Signs of Green

    Pursuing sustainability in campus signage and wayfinding offers a number of benefits.

  • Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

    Consistent Clocks, Happy Campus

  • Education Interiors
    furniture is stating your brand

    Your Furniture, Your Brand

    Whether you're aware of it or not, your furniture is stating your brand. In giving it some thought, you’ll see that it’s all in the details.

Research & Special Reports

Online Buyers' Guide

Find manufacturers and suppliers of products and services for facilities, security, technology and business, including:

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Education Design Showcase

A comprehensive database of cutting-edge projects, innovative solutions and inspiring designs for education.

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