June 2013 College Planning & Management

June 2013

On the Cover

Collaborative Spaces

Creating Collaborative Space

The Dos and Don'ts of designing learning facilities for today's interactive students.

By Tod Stevens, Stuart Rothenberger

Collaborative learning involves teamwork, as does the designing of environments in which collaborative learning can thrive. Educational facility design experts know what works - and what doesn't - — when it comes to creating collaborative spaces that allow for multiple uses and accommodate multiple learning styles. When creating collaborative spaces, keep the following in mind.


Preserving Architectual Features

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Maintaining a Façade

By Scott Berman

Keeping historically significant facilities weatherproof and energy-efficient while preserving architectural features takes care and planning.

campus libraries

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

The 21st-Century Library

By Scott Willyerd

As with other campus spaces, fostering collaboration is a decisive influence in the design and function of today’s campus libraries.

Measuring Success in outsourced services

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

Measuring Success in Your Outsourced Services

By Ellen Kollie

Here are five metrics for establishing and tracking performance and customer satisfaction in your outsourced campus services.

Access control on colleges and universities

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Getting Into College, Today

By Michael Fickes

Affordable new access control technologies are changing the way students get into college buildings.


Maintenance & Operations (Managing the Physical Plant)

Time Is Money

By Michael G. Steger

Being organized and planning ahead can improve the bottom line.

Special June Issue

By Deb Moore

New beginnings for College Planning & Management. In addition to the magazines that many of you have come to depend on, over the next few months you will notice the expansion of our brand.

Technology Planning and Management

Get the Word Out

By Karen Spring

Communication is key, especially during emergencies. Technology can help spread the word.

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