October 2016 College Planning & Management

October 2016

On the Cover

Collaborative Academic Space

The New Academic Hybrid: Creating a Mixed-Use Campus Community

By Jay Silverberg

Deliberate, collaborative spaces can act as an attractor for a university, making these buildings a financially beneficial academic and community asset. Arizona State University is finding success with its new College Avenue Commons project.


University and Adobe collaborative space

Business (Managing Higher Ed)

A Groundbreaking Collaboration

By David R. Moore II

A unique public-private partnership between Clemson University and Adobe has resulted in a model that has carried over to more than 40 schools throughout the country.

deferred maintenance on campus

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later: The Cost of Deferred Maintenance

By Ellen Kollie

More than 50 percent of respondents to a recent CP&M survey indicated that the deferred maintenance backlog on their campus is critical — and getting worse. Here’s a look at one institution that is treading water with its deferred maintenance backlog and another that is beginning to make headway.

crisis communications

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Plan A

By Amy Milshtein

A well-crafted, well-rehearsed crisis communications plan can keep people, property and your school's reputation safe.

residence hall flooring

Facilities (Campus Spaces

What Floor Do You Live On?

By Scott Berman

Designers face challenges when selecting residence hall flooring. It must be attractive, durable enough to withstand regular move-ins and move-outs, as well as being safe and easy to maintain. What options are working?


Infrastructure (High-Performance Solutions)

Wiring Strategies for Wireless Success

Emerging Technology (Enhancing, Engaging, Connecting)

Institutional Resiliency

By David W. Dodd

Can your college or university survive a disaster?

Zero Net Energy college

The Sustainable Campus (Trends and Innovations)

Zero Net Energy, Zero Added Cost

Bristol Community College achieves holistic sustainability on a cold-climate campus.

Editor's Note (The View From Here)

Public Trust

By Deborah P. Moore

Facilities Management (Managing Assets)

The IoT, and More

By Pieter van der Have

Staying abreast of technologies must involve keeping our staff trained in them.

Recruit & Retain (Metropolitan College of New York)

New Faces, New Spaces

By Collette Ann Garrity

Recruitment and retention in the midst of moving.


Saint Louis University: Spring Hall

Facility Focus (Residence Halls)

Saint Louis University: Spring Hall

Unity College: Unity 3

Facility Focus (Residence Halls)

Unity College: Unity 3


Ceiling Provides Aesthetics and Acoustics

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

Ceiling Provides Aesthetics and Acoustics

Hand Dryers for a Sustainable Campus

Case Histories (Real-World Solutions)

New Hand Dryers for a Sustainable Campus


Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

What do other schools do in a crisis?

Facilities (Campus Spaces)

Another Approach to Deferred Maintenance

Safety & Security (Prepare and Be Aware)

Resources for Crisis Communications

Ask the Expert (Healthy Cleaning)

What results are expected from "ergonomic" cleaning?

By Jacalyn High

Adobe Digital Studio

What's in the Adobe Studio?

Hot Tips (Physical Safety)

Increase Campus Safety and Security

By Carlos Gonzalez

Western Washington University Makes Over Energy Program

Western Washington University relied on Excel spreadsheets to manage their energy spending in the past, leaving them with no data. See how they transformed their operations, got the data they needed and saved over 200 hours per year.

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