Gordian Higher Education Facility Toolkit

Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a proven alternative to traditional procurement that streamlines renovations, repairs, emergency and time-sensitive projects and straightforward new construction. Bring speed, precision and efficiency to your campus construction process and projects.

Streamlined Procurement

  • Campus Construction Made Easy

    Campus Construction Made Easy

    Job Order Contracting is a simple and effective procurement solution that allows you to control costs, save time and begin work faster on repairs, renovations and simple construction.

  • When JOC is a Good Option

    When is JOC a Good Option?

    There is no perfect, one-size-fits-all approach to construction projects. Some delivery methods work better with certain types of projects than others. View this infographic to better understand when JOC is a good option.

  • 5 benefits

    Keep Your Schedule and Budget on Track

    Completing construction and renovation projects on time and on budget can come down to procurement. Job Order Contracting puts contractors in place with a single, competitively-awarded contract-saving you time and money. Watch this video to learn more.

Success Stories

  • curb appeal

    Why Curb Appeal Matters

    Every building on a college or university campus is a recruiting tool. Attractive and functional facilities not only help schools achieve their enrollment goals but also impact their standing in the surrounding community. Curb appeal matters. This infographic explains why.

  • UNT

    University of North Texas’ Success Built on Relationships

    With close to 200 buildings and an average of 20 active projects per project manager, the University of North Texas (UNT) leverages the relationships it has built around its Job Order Contracting (JOC) program to streamline work and get construction completed quickly.

  • booklet

    Head of the Class: Renovation & Construction Case Studies

    Colleges and universities are struggling with insufficient funding, staffing and resources. To meet these challenges, schools are choosing Job Order Contracting (JOC) for construction procurement to save time and effort. Discover detailed case studies about colleges and universities that used JOC to complete projects successfully with limited resources in a limited time.

ezIQC Cooperative Purchasing

  • ezIQ overview

    ezIQC: Construction Procurement Through Cooperatives

    ezIQC is the easy and intelligent way to buy construction services at competitive prices. Take advantage of cooperative volume discounts from contracts that have already been competitively awarded. With access to local contractors, you can trade the time and expense of traditional procurement for speed, efficiency and the power of group buying.

  • roadmap

    6 Simple Steps to Smarter Construction Procurement

    With ezIQC, you can avoid the red tape of traditional procurement, issue POs in days and still satisfy your local competitive bidding requirements. View this process roadmap to learn more.

  • ESCN

    Fast Track Construction Procurement Through Cooperatives

    Schools and public agencies can buy construction services through cooperative purchasing networks—just like they buy office furniture and supplies. In this video, members of the Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) co-op explain why they choose to partner with Gordian to complete repairs, renovations and new construction projects.