Maintenance & Operations

The condition of academic facilities contributes to the quality of education.  Read more about effective policies and practices for routine, emergency and preventative maintenance programs; cleaning and custodial care; efficiency and staffing models; and more.


  • Trends Shaping Higher Education: Waste Collection
    Cost Savings and Efficiency

    Trend Toward Cost Savings and Efficiency

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    Raining on roof

    Waterproofing Keys

    The building envelope has one primary job: keeping bad weather outside. There is a wide range of options available for waterproofing all aspects of the building envelope, from roofs to basements. Here are some of them. 12/01/2016

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    vacuuming the staircase

    Caring for the Cleaning Machine

    Vacuum cleaners and floor machines are an investment. Proper care and maintenance of these tools is vital and will extend their lifespans and provide good return on the investment made in them. 12/01/2016

  • Business (Managing Higher Ed)
    outsourcing school janitorial services

    Are You In or Out?

    Making the decision to outsource janitorial services should not be undertaken without giving careful attention to the pros and cons. If you're considering this step, here is some advice. 11/01/2016

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)
    deferred maintenance on campus

    Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later: The Cost of Deferred Maintenance

    More than 50 percent of respondents to a recent CP&M survey indicated that the deferred maintenance backlog on their campus is critical — and getting worse. Here’s a look at one institution that is treading water with its deferred maintenance backlog and another that is beginning to make headway. 10/01/2016

  • Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

    Pest Management

  • Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

    Bad Water

  • Maintaining Buildings & Grounds

    What's In Your Janitorial Closet?

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)

    Roofs That Last

  • Facilities (Campus Spaces)

    Keeping Up Appearances



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