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Wireless Lighting Case Study

Case Study: Saving Energy and Enhancing the Learning Environment

Budget and timeline restrictions can limit a facility team's options for high-performance lighting retrofits. See how Madison College is using Vive Wireless solutions across their campus for long-term success.


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Higher Ed Summer Construction

Maximize Summer Construction

Summer means juggling renovation, alteration and maintenance projects, all of which need to take place in a limited time. With a short window to work, you can't afford to get behind schedule. View this summer construction eBook for tips on how to effectively plan and execute your campus summer projects.

One-Card Campus Solution

Benefits of a One-Card Campus Solution: Making the Transition

Contactless ID cards offer higher levels of security and functionality than magstripe cards, and easier for college students to use, especially when coupled with providing access to events, secured buildings, cashless payments, printing documents, etc. – in addition to accessing their dorm rooms.

Smart Card Migration for Colleges and Universities

Debunking the Top 5 Myths about Smart Card Migration for Colleges and Universities

Get the facts surrounding multi-function smart card migration and implementation.

Emergency Evacuation

College Emergency Evacuation: How educated are you?

A guide to emergency evacuation procedures in college premises.

University Bathroom and Shower Design

Key Concepts in University Bathroom & Shower Design

This white paper focuses on commercial washroom and bathroom design, including disability accommodation, the rise of gender neutrality and bather/user privacy, the problems of mold, mildew and hygiene, and material and product alternatives to help keep bathrooms and showers cleaner.

Has interest in sustainability initiatives—from alternative energy and water conservation to “green” landscaping, recycling, fossil-fuel divestment, local sourcing, and more—waned on your campus?

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